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When looking to build a driveway, the two most popular choices are asphalt and concrete, with tar-and-chip a distant third.

The paving equipment most commonly used includes the following:


This is a vehicle with a double purpose. It can be used to cut up old paving materials and also to mix cement, fly ash, or lime into the subbase in order to adjust and stabilize poor quality soil.

Milling Machines

This is used to mill off the top layer of existing paving to leave a smooth surface on which to repave.

They have an automatic grade control option which can restore transverse and longitudinal grades and is capable of removing most distortions from existing paving.

Dump Trucks

These serve the function of delivering the scalding hot tarmac safely from the plant to the worksite. There are various kinds which are appropriate depending on the size of the job.


There are basically three different types of equipment used for compaction.
The steel wheeled roller
The pneumatic tire roller
The paver screed

All of this equipment is effective and you will choose which one’s are appropriate depending on the worksite.