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A property manager’s, facilities manager’s, and company owner’s outside care plan should include frequent audits of all the property’s sewage drains and utility holes to avoid costly repair and liability issues. Sewer drains and manholes can be found in parking lots, basements, backyards, and alleys and can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Even with long-lasting qualities, exposure to outdoor elements affects the lifespan of drains and manholes, both of which are prone to deterioration.

The following factors can cause deterioration and necessitate repair:

  • Backup of Roots and Debris

  • Pooling Water

  • Deterioration of Bricks and Mortar

Prevent Water Pooling in Parking Lots from Causing Damage

If you’ve seen pooling water near manholes, curbs, or any place on the asphalt pavement of your parking lot, you should consider analyzing your drainage condition before it becomes a major problem. Pooling water can cause problems for pedestrians and motorists, as well as progressively cause damage to your asphalt pavement. Ignoring this scenario may necessitate emergency repairs.

Aside from pooling water, additional symptoms of drainage problems include sand, rock, or other residue streaks, as well as low spots in your asphalt. Aside from drainage issues that necessitate paving and repair services, other factors may be to blame for water pools. These are some examples:

Asphalt Paving Slope – When it comes to drainage, proper slope design during asphalt construction is critical. If your parking lot slope isn’t directing the water into the drains with appropriate power, a repair is likely to fix the problem.

Asphalt Curbing – In addition to channeling rainfall into the sewer drain system, the aesthetics of your parking lot must be carefully planned to make the most of grassy areas and inlets where water can be channeled during heavy or prolonged rains.

It’s also crucial to remember that pooled water in the summer causes dangerous ice spots in the winter. With these six suggestions, you can learn how to protect your asphalt surface from winter weather.

Sewer Blockages

Naturally, various wastes will be washed into the sewage drains, and over time, they can build up and block the pipes, resulting in considerable – and potentially hazardous – pooling on your asphalt surfaces. To assist extend the life of your parking lot, your annual maintenance plan should include an assessment of your sewer drains and pipes by a competent specialist.

In addition to identifying and clearing any obstructions, these specialists have equipment that can help locate and remove any root penetrations that can impede or cause the entire system to fail. Skimping on this inspection might result in significant costs down the road, such as the necessity for partial or complete parking lot repair or replacement.

Brick and mortar deterioration around catch drains and manholes

The bricks and cement that support your catch drains and manhole covers may eventually need to be repaired due to erosion and excessive weather. However, concerns such as collecting water caused by faulty asphalt installation or drainage issues will hasten the process. When the integrity of the mortar and brick surroundings is damaged, the deterioration will be rapid as the weight of automobiles adds stress.

Without rapid attention, these places might abruptly sink, injuring persons or cars — a very dangerous situation. A comprehensive inspection of the catch drains and manhole cover enclosures should always be included in your outside inspection plan.