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Pouring and flattening a new sidewalk can be a complex or straightforward process depending on the size and location of the project.

Proper planning makes everything easier, and for the purposes of this article, we will consider a small, home-related project. You have the option of employing a contractor, but DIY is possible also with a little effort.

You need to prepare the area properly, and have a foundation following your specifications, including wire mesh, gravel, etc. Once this is all complete it is time to pour the concrete!

The truck will come with the concrete premixed. Try your best to avoid rain by watching the weather channel!

During regular weather a small job will take around three to five hours to pour. Have several helpers at hand to help pour and level. Put the concrete into the formwork, holding the steel mesh 2 inches above the gravel. You shouldn’t shovel the concrete, but rather push or pull it using a steel take.

After the concrete is poured into the forms, level it every few feet using a screed board.

When you have finished this process, draw a bull float over the freshly poured concrete straight after screeding. This will force down the aggregate and raise gravel-free concrete to the top for easier finishing.